Sales Training Testimonial

Great feedback from this week’s training and happy to help anyone looking for sales training – get in touch:

Hi Laurence, Many thanks for the time you invested with the sales team yesterday.

The session was very well received and the feedback from the team could not have been more positive. We had a great sales day yesterday which was further testament to the quality of the session as all advisors returned to the office motivated to succeed with fresh ideas and with some of the fundamental rules of success back at the forefront of their minds.

We have used a number of freelance training consultants in the past who have done a good job but this feels different because it was delivered by an experienced sales trainer who has industry knowledge and experience and is involved in running a sales business so we found a lot of the content to be highly relevant and the tips to be based on practical experience rather than theory.

One of our advisors has asked to start working for David Spear Commercials as a result of the session.  Thank you again Laurence and look forward to catching up soon.

Best regards,


Mike Gaffney

Managing Director gid ltd