Procter & Gamble (Femcare) Conference

Frankfurt 2013

I’ve just returned from Frankfurt, Germany where I had the great pleasure of working with P&G’s Global Femcare Division.

The theme of their college / conference event “More for Less” focused on innovation, creativity and delivering innovative product with optimum efficiencies.

The conference attracted delegates from all parts of the P&G global empire including South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. P&G is a huge organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $80,000.000 dollars, and delivery of sustainable innovative consumer products to 4.2 billion of the world’s 7 billion population.

My role was to facilitate a number of fascinating workshops looking at some key areas and then deliver a keynote that focused on the following headings:

1. What makes ANY team world class?

2. What characteristics, behaviours and actions define effective teams?

3. What can you as an individual do better to help the team performance?

4. What do you consider as barriers within your business? How can you help overcome them?

5. As individuals and leaders what can you do to inspire success and achieve the company’s objectives?

The workshops were productive, fun and typified P&G’s proactive enthusiasm to aspire to new and innovative ways of developing their brands and working processes.

Even more remarkable was their overall attitude to interact, listen and learn from the whole experience.

I was inspired by a number of factors most memorably the calibre of the P&G people the history of the business and P&G’s Purpose which continues to inspire today’s modern workforce.

Well done P&G – you truly are world class!

“Our purpose from the beginning”

P&G was founded in the US in 1837 by two men who met by chance. William Procter and James Gamble were from England and Ireland respectively and were on separate journeys through the United States when the challenges of travel led both of them to Cincinnati.

They might never have met had they not married sisters – Olivia and Elizabeth Norris – whose father convinced them to become business partners and in 1837, a humble but bold new enterprise called Procter & Gamble was born. What began as a small, family-oriented soap and candle company grew and thrived, inspired by P&G’s Purpose of providing products and services of superior quality and value.