Managing Success with Joy Ogeh-Hutfield

As a business owner I am constantly trying to manage the highs and lows of running a business and managing its most important asset – its people.

Today I had a very interesting conversation with Joy Ogeh-Hutfield who specialises in mind-set transformation. Here’s Joy’s take on managing success!

Managing success

A big part of sustaining success is learning how to manage new responsibilities, overcome new challenges and stay on track.

Successful people know the importance of rest in every aspect of their lives. They understand that by factoring rest in their schedule they can accomplish more. They also know that they cannot be available to everyone at all times.

In the rush to be super human, we can easily forget to take time out.  As you become more successful you might be tempted to take on more. Staying late at the office, bringing more work home at weekends, never really switching off during your holidays. This might initially seem like positive ways of getting ahead in your career, however, the consequences are never far behind.

Burn out is never far away when success arrives.  You are more susceptible to burn out when you begin to experience success. The reality is that “burn out people” don’t achieve their goals. They often lose their enthusiasm, motivation and sooner or later they simply stop trying.

The signs are all too familiar, getting angry easily, frustration, alienating others, losing your creative spark and eventually if you keep going, it will manifest itself in sickness, exhaustion and you will give up, losing everything you have worked for.

An important part of success is knowing how to pace yourself and balancing what you can and cannot handle.

Joy’s recipe / secret to managing success:

  1. Learn to say ‘NO’ to certain requests –

Successful people are often inundated with numerous demands on their time. The more successful you are, the more people want of you – your phone never stops ringing, and emails pour in like an overflowing tap. You find yourself over committing and not really able to deliver it all.

  1. Never take more than you can comfortably handle.
  2. Give yourself a time frame to work on a project – and stick to the finishing time.
  3. Place value on yourself. Understand that you are more important than the work.
  4. Learn to delegate appropriately – Train those around you not to depend on you for everything. Give them the gift of independence
  5. Prioritise your ME time – use your quiet time to renew your spirit and refresh your soul. Use your quiet time to put things into perspective.

Joy Ogeh-Hutfield is a mind-set transformation coach. She has worked with and helped those in leadership find balance and fulfilment in both their work and personal lives by coaching them to harness the right mind-set for success.

To find out more about Joy, visit her website: