Live for the moment…and Jump!

One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life happened last weekend when myself and two other colleagues jumped from an aircraft at 15,000 feet to freefall for 1 minute at 125MPH above the Salisbury plains in Wiltshire. Nothing prepares your brain for what is about to happen. The aircraft’s red light changes to green, the door is opened and then as you shuffle towards the open doorway, your adrenalin starts to pump and before you know it you’re tumbling – hurtling towards earth at 125MPH.

Your brain simply cannot cope with what has just taken place and the body releases a mix of different chemicals that sends your brain into overdrive. After 1 minute the parachute explodes open and you begin to take in the moment, what’s just happened and the stunning views as far south as the English Channel.

All for living in the moment and enjoying life, whilst raising funds for charity. #Liveyourlife #adrenalinrush #teamwork #Attitude #Charity