Kellogg’s/ Portable Foods Communication Conference, Oswestry, Wrexham

February 7, 2014

A great event in Wrexham, working with employees from Kellogg’s and Portable Foods, where communication became the theme of the day.

This was a potentially sensitive scenario on the back of Kellogg’s recent announcement to axe 140 jobs at their Wrexham factory.

Despite this disappointing and sad news, Kellogg’s announced a 90 day consultation, and the firm have said that job losses can be achieved through voluntary redundancies and early retirements.

The management and employees at the communication event were extremely positive about the overall future.

With communication being the key focus, staff highlighted the need for clear communication within the organisation, and I made many references to case studies and organisations that practice good communication.

The whole event was fun, interactive and extremely motivational, with commitment from senior management and employees to improve the communication process.

Senior Executives’ Objective – work with employees to find better ways of communicating change and strategy.
Employees’ Objective – a commitment to identify solutions to everyday problems and communication of such solutions through the organisation structure back to senior management.
As in any business, two of the vital and most important components are people and how those people interact and communicate to improve performance and achieve the company’s goals.

Well done to Kellogg’s, Portable Foods and their people for a positive contribution despite recent events.