Conference Facilitator

Hiring a dedicated conference facilitator to take care of every aspect of your upcoming corporate or private event is the secret weapon for many event organisers. Not only will hiring a conference facilitator take the pressure off you and your organisation in the run up to the event, it will also give you the time and confidence to enjoy your event with the rest of your audience on the day itself.

Using a mix of charisma, authority and authenticity, Laurence has been able to facilitate a number of events to ensure they are a success for each and every international and UK business he has worked with. In addition to helping with the organisation and execution of your entire event schedule, Laurence can add that much-needed credibility and gravitas to any event thanks to his range of specialist services.

Laurence has hosted regional, national or international conferences for a number of organisations across multiple industry sectors. His skills as a professional conference facilitator has helped his clients bridge the cultural and language gap to connect with audiences everywhere, and his service has taken him all over the world including to Copacabana Beach in Rio where he facilitated and chaired a three day sales conference for UNUM.

Hiring Laurence as your independent conference facilitator can unlock a number of advantages for businesses big and small. Save money and minimise hassle whilst maximising results with professional help from a truly accomplished and humble events specialist.