LIVE YOUR LIFE – By Laurence Winmill

live-your-life-by-laurence-winmill-400x612Laurence charts his journey of highs and lows as the author ofLive Your Life. As a guide to both private and business success with no regrets, Laurence’s own personal and professional experiences make essential reading for those in numerous industry sectors and at various stages in their own lives and careers.

Learn from a book that is truly spoken from the heart, and discover just how your strengths and weaknesses can shape your own journey to bigger and better things.

It tells of Laurence’s real life experiences, as well as the moving and very emotional period in which he lost his million pound business and moved forward to start again.

As Laurence quotes in this book “Happy people are productive people” but knowing how to ‘Live Your Life’, as the book title suggests, and triumph in business and at home is difficult without some support and a few helpful hints. Live Your Life contains bite-size sections with big takeaways for life and business, and includes such chapters as:

  • Right behaviour – right results
  • Be happy!
  • Set new challenges and goals
  • Become a great conversationalist
  • Have a great introduction
  • Contribute to your community
  • Embrace technology and change
  • Reward success
  • Accept responsibility
  • Life

In addition to offering essential mantras that everyone can believe in and live their life by, the book is packed full of the recommendations and actions points used by Laurence and delivered in his roles as a motivational speaker, business trainer and serial entrepreneur.

Find out what makes you tick? Understand the power and impact of taking positive action and the results it can generate – “There is very little difference between people, the little difference is attitude, the big difference is whether it’s negative or positive.” (Clement Stone founder of the Combined Insurance Company of America) – What’s your attitude? Find out today and start focusing on a better future.