Asking the right questions is critical in any sales process.

Just done a training session this morning based on selling additional products. It becomes obvious very early on that salesperson “A” has a higher conversion percentage than salesperson “B”.

There are always human factors involved in any sales process, such as empathy and desire but if they both have these qualities in abundance, then the only difference between salesperson “A” and salesperson “B” is their ability to ask the right questions, establish the need for the product and then match that product with the needs of that client (Technique).

The timing of any question is also critical (Empathy) and the ability to handle any objections along the way. Salesperson “A” is good at timings, but falls short during the questioning process – the result is too many lost sales; even though the overall results are good – how much better could they be when the questioning is improved?

Then there’s the desire and drive to close because you know that the product is a great fit for the client’s need. Salesperson “B” scores well here but lacks empathy and the customer perceives that person as too overpowering – the result is too many lost sales. Lesson – ease off the gas improve the questioning and be sure that the need is clearly identified before you try and close the sale.

Perfect solution – Empathy & Drive – Ask the right questions, match the need with the product and ask for the deal – You may have to overcome a few objections along the way, but that’s all part of the journey and when everything comes together, the conversion percentage goes up.

It’s all about people.