Skydiving for charity, Salisbury, England 2017 – Laurence Winmill (Centre) with Skydive Professionals & Colleagues

About Laurence

Education wise, the only university Laurence went to was the University of Life, and while he admits he isn’t one of the country’s top business minds, his tenacious and pragmatic leadership approach in leading the launch of several businesses has produced a poignant mix of memorable highs as well as some soul searching lows, all of which have been significant.

Laurence’s advertising and publishing career officially began in 1985 at Thomson Regional Newspapers where he held several commercial, training and sales management positions. After some 20 years at Thomsons he continued to pursue his passion for business development managing people, performance, and financial and business success at Newsquest Media holding the title of Regional Advertisement Manager for Wales until 2000. In 2001 however he left the corporate publishing world and after a three year spell as Sales Director in pharmaceuticals, where he helped the business grow its £25 million turnover to £50 million within a 3 year period, Laurence decided to go it alone. The following year he created Swansea Life & Swansea Bay Business Life, two highly successful magazines that admittedly suffered during the 2008 financial crash but are now fully established in their respective markets and owned by the Trinity Mirror Group. In 2010 he made his leap into PR, advertising and marketing to set up full service media agency, SJ&F Media, a venture he has left behind recently to pursue his current project, M4 Media a PR and advertising agency that services businesses across the M4 corridor.

Laurence is a serial entrepreneur, a risk taker, and that’s been reflected in both his personal and professional life, with examples of adversity that have tested him to his limits and pushed him to the brink on several occasions, but he has never given up on his dreams, desires and passion which drives him on to this very day. His greatest achievements are his 3 great kids, 5 wonderful grandchildren and a beautiful dog called Frankie, whilst his real life experiences have provided the grounding to become the adaptable entrepreneur, motivational speaker, presenter, conference facilitator, trainer and author you see before you.