10 Golden Rules for EFFECTIVE Display Advertisements – By Laurence Winmill

  1. Create an eyeball grabbing headline that captures the reader’s attention – News, Shock or Curiosity all work well.
  2. You’re telling a story so underpin the Headline with a great sub-headline that will lead the reader further into the advert.
  3. Great copy that paints pictures and makes it easy for the reader to understand is critical to retain the interest.
  4. Use strong images – still or animated to grab the reader’s attention.
  5. Show clear brand identity and use the logo in line with your brand guidelines.
  6. Call to action and contact details are critical if you want the reader to respond to the advert.
  7. Price – If it’s relevant make sure you include it.
  8. White Space – plenty of it makes any advertisement easy to read.
  9. Structure the whole content of the advertisement to your target audience – know your customer and their needs.
  10.  Brief your front line staff – make them aware of your ad campaigns and make sure they know how to convert the enquiries that come your way!

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