Laurence Winmill

An ordinary guy from The South Wales Valleys, where hard working men lost their jobs, some lost their lives and most lost their livelihoods.

The mines closed and communities faced the abyss, but people never lost sight of their values, their self-worth, or their resilience and spirit to survive and move forward despite the heartache, uncertainty and upheaval that life can present. Laurence grew up in a tough mining community and what he witnessed in that moment in time defined his personality and changed the way he lived his life.

The message and lesson – “Make the most of your situation, enjoy the moment and take risks, as you never know what the future holds. Never give up on your dreams and ambitions despite adversity and focus on your passion and beliefs, whatever the costs may be.”

So Who is Laurence Winmill?

He’s a hard working businessman who understands the challenges facing any budding entrepreneur or business owner trying to make themselves a success in a very challenging and uncertain marketplace.

Laurence has also previously served as Chief Executive with an LCV market leader. During this period, he was in a prime position to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit and drive. He brought over 20 years of leading industry experience in performance processes, P&L oversight and marketing to the role as well as his expertise as a facilitator and builder of successful management and market identification.

Laurence’s expertise also includes resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources and operational) issues. Problem solving knowledge that he is using to motivate staff to peak performance and broaden success in strategic positioning for commercial vehicles, digital communications, publishing and hospitality. You can’t doubt Laurence’s flair for being a people person, manager and risk taker. His personal and professional experiences have given him the qualities and skill sets he needs to advise fellow individuals and organisations on entrepreneurship, motivating people and teams, presenting, facilitating, managing and anything that drives sales and business development – critical factors that are essential to how people do business.

Laurence is no stranger to speaking from the heart, he penned his book Live Your Life, a guide to personal and business success. As part of his authentically unique service, you can garner the best advice built on core principles and real world experiences. Find genuine support with selling, client liaison and all the factors that need to be juggled to run a small business – from the highs of the people, management and finances to the lows of the risks and what to do when it all goes wrong – all laced with great stories and lessons learned from his career in the corporate world of publishing and medical sales, and indeed his own business ventures.

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